4 Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Iceland 

It’s no real surprise a Northern light is the best place to visit for vacations. Where Iceland is one of the best countries to visit for a chance if you are seeing natural occurrence. The surrounding around the Iceland is beautiful, which makes it good places to visit for tourism. So best time to visit northern lights in Iceland is during September to April but sometimes during October to March can be ideal time to visit because we can witness the lights in late August where activity happens throughout the year but long daylight in summer make it difficult to see. Below is the best place to see northern lights in Iceland.


This place is extremely cold valley that should be seen in Iceland lists, the landscape is very beautiful which makes it best places to visit the northern lights in Iceland. The Jokulsarlon is located in the southeast, around the Vatnajokull National park; the crystal-clean ice stones on the black sand beach choose the red and green brightness of the Aurora Borealis, developing kaleidoscopic effect. This place is very good location for photographers.

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

This place is situated around the town of Vik which is popularly known for black sand beach, ocean stacks and also named as the Reynidrangar. Reynisfjara is most beautiful view to visit the northern lights in Iceland as it offers a dramatic and soundtrack views of the waves where night sky shows the nature display. Before the basalt stacks were trolled from people who make an attempt to escort the ship to the sea and when daylight broke out they converted the stacks into a sharp needles which you can see trapped in the sea.


The Selijavallalaug is defined as Mother Nature because you can watch northern lights sitting effectively in Iceland’s hot springs.  The outdoor swimming pool is free and open for 24 hours a day. This is considered as oldest ponds in Iceland and when it comes to Aurora. A cosmic light shows a sublime bath-water temperatures and Selijavallalaug is considered as the best place to see northern lights in Iceland.


The Siglufjorour is located on the north of Iceland and you get more chances of seeing northern lights which is very beautiful to see the glimpse. With beautiful hikes to be held during the season daylight hours and you can see barely any light pollution at night times and you can head to fishing town of Siglufjorour, which is situated in a fjord. This place may not be in the list to visit for northern lights because roads over here can be regularly tough to drive due to the harsh weather conditions during winter season, so try to check before if you are driving yourself or you can organize transport or tour

These are the places can be visited during the visit for northern light in Iceland. Hope I have covered all the topics in my article for best place to see northern lights in Iceland. Even look for other places which can make your trip memorable during the visit to Iceland