5 Winter Activities You Shouldn’t Miss in Canada

Winter in Canada is an exposition of nature’s harshness. There will be snowfall during the course of time from November to April in several parts of the nation. The temperature drops below -40 degree Celsius. During this time, people walk through the snow with difficulty. There will be snow fall for nearly six months in a year, but that does not mean tourists have to be inside their hotel rooms. Enjoy every moment of your winter holidays in Canada by indulging yourself in these amazing winter activities.

Skating and Playing Pond Hockey

Most of the lakes and ponds in Canada are frozen by late December. During this time, it is possible to skate on the lakes, lagoons located in parks as well as ponds. Most of the towns in Canada also have an ice rink. Skating in public rinks is free and skating on a lake that is frozen gives a magical experience with crisp air and snowy trees. You will surely have a lot of fun playing hockey or sliding down the ice.   


Snowshoeing is one of the low impact activities that everyone should experience. Snowshoes are great inventions that Canadians are thankful for. You can walk on the snow by strapping the frame on your feet. This activity is good for clicking pictures of the terrains, but it is not as thrilling as skiing or snowboarding. Snowshoeing is one of the winter activities that you can enjoy for low cost.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Sliding down a hill on a wooden plank is one of the best things that you should not miss in Canada. If you are on a vacation, it is best recommended to try skiing and snowboarding for a different experience. This activity happens mostly on the west coast of Canada.

Dog Sledding

This is one of the legendary and highly adventurous Canadian winter activities. Dog sledding is popular for enjoying the incredible views and the speed of a team of dogs along the snowy trails. Sometimes the sledding duration is decided based on the climatic conditions across the nation.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing is a challenging activity that is becoming more and more popular among winter adventure enthusiasts. This vigorous activity requires physical fitness and it also tests your fear of heights. Ice climbing is best recommended to go with a guided tour if you want to scale to the towering ice slopes or frozen waterfall slopes.

There are many reasons to accept the winters in Canada – the spirit of adventure during the winters is certainly one of the crucial reasons. To experience this excitement with a sense of fun, you must experience at least few of the above-mentioned winter activities.