Emergency Hacks – How to Make an Envelope for Any Size Card?

It is a special occasion for your friend and you haven’t got her a card. You might rummage through your stationery and come up with a decent card for her. But the problem is not over yet – you cannot give the card without an envelope. Again you, might have regular envelopes in stock but it has to be the right size. Well, you can customise that as well. If you have some paper, scissors and rubber glue, that is all you need to learn how to make an envelope for any size card.

Take a normal paper, though you can choose a coloured paper, a glitter paper, handmade paper or any other paper of your choice provided it is easy to cut and paste. For the first trial, it is better to use regular every day paper and follow the steps given below to make the perfect envelope for your card. This is how to make an envelope for any size card:

  1. Keep your card on this paper making sure it is in the centre from the side edges but for the vertical face keep it towards the lower side. This will allow us to have a flap for the envelope.
  2. While keeping the card on the paper, start folding the edges over it from all the four sides. Make sure not to make the folds too tight as there should be some space for the card to be pushed in. Press all the four edges nicely to make a proper crease.
  3. Now remove the card from the paper and cut out the corners from the four sides, keeping in mind that the angle is little larger than 90 degrees.
  4. Before you close the envelope with glue, please check that the card is able to slip in easily and that the envelope is not too big.
  5. On the bottom of the two side flaps add a little glue and cover it with the bottom flap. The bas of the envelope is now ready. 
  6. Take another paper of the same or contrasting colours. Cut it out in the size of your card and stick it on to the envelope base. This creates the back of the envelope. Now insert the cars into the envelope and close the flap on the top. Your envelope is ready. Embellish it as per your choice and it is ready for gifting to your friend.

Using the simplest of tools such as paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, glue and scissors, you can make many different types of envelope and then train your kids on how to make an envelope for any size card. This one had a simple rectangular flap. You can make triangular flaps, rounded flaps well as zig zag flaps, but the essential technique remains the same. While you can use a variety of paper, it is recommended to use rubber glue as it is stronger and more suitable.