Improve Engagement – Add Music to Google Slides

A presentation or a slide show can become boring and monotonous if it is just a whole lot of data and information being shared with the audience. You will often find at least a member or two trying to stifle a yawn, which can be very discouraging. A way to make your presentation interesting is to integrate some music into it. This makes the presentation more effective and less monotonous. The choice of music must be considered carefully, though! Read on to know how to add music to Google Slides.  

Music Cannot Be Integrated Through the App

Though there are ways to figure out how to add music to Google Slide, you must note that there is no integrated way within Google Slides to insert music. Some ways requiring external resources are:

Adding a Link to Music Available Online

Access to a music service allows you to insert a link for an available track into your presentation. Music from a YouTube video can also be similarly linked. The method is:

Image result for Adding a Link to Music Available Online

  • Open Google Slides and select the presentation you wish to edit or create a new Google Slides Presentation. 
  • Go to the slide where you wish to introduce the music. 
  • Click insert and select shape. Select an arrow or any other shape you wish to incorporate. You can also choose to insert an image. 
  • Place the shape or image on the slide in the desired position.
  • Visit the website of your music service in the browser and copy the link of the desired music piece
  • Come back to the slide and click the shape or the image you had inserted. Click insert menu and click ‘Link’ or you can press Ctrl+K. Paste the link in the dialog box and click ‘Apply’

Clicking on the inserted image with the link will start the music. It will run till you stop it or it is done. 

Uploading an Audio File to Google Drive

You can save an audio file on to Google Drive and then add it to your presentation. Use the same Google Account that you are using for the presentation for the purpose.

To add it to the presentation, locate the file in Google drive. DO NOT OPEN. Right click on the file and click on ‘Get Shareable Link’. You will see a link – copy it.

Image result for add music to Google Slides

Go to your Google Slides presentation and paste the link in the slide that you wish to use. You can also choose to enter test on the slide, selecting the text and pressing Ctrl+K will open the ‘Insert link’ box. Paste the link.

Now when you run the presentation, the link will open the file from your Google Drive in another window or tab and it will stop playing only when it ends or as you take action to stop it.

Now you have the answers to how to add music to Google Slides; you can go ahead and make your presentations more entertaining and valuable for your audiences