Keep Your Relationship Strong With the Business Traveler Lifestyle

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Well as a person that has been traveling every few weeks for a day or two here and there I can tell you that my husband is more of a trooper than I thought, but if this was to continue I could see where relationships would struggle.

I am a mother with 2 kids and a decent job working from my home in a corporate world. I have to tell you I love it dearly, but with that luxury will come a little downside. At times I have to travel and although it is not excessive I am now on my 4th trip since the end of September and I still have one more to go in December. At least that is right now.

Mix in there my Anniversary is tomorrow, my birthday is next week, and then BAM we are in the holiday season and you can see right away that the rest of my year is booked. I got a sense of what the other business travelers experience and am seeing first hand just why a relationship could struggle with this much travel.

So what is the key to keeping a strong relationship with a lot of travel for your job? I spent some time thinking of this last night when I laid in the bed. Some of the things that have seemed to work greatly for me are:

  • Constant communication either by text, phone, or email. I still ensure that my husband is up to speed on my day. I tell him about my cities and at times will send him pictures of the city. This helps keep him in the loop and I make sure he knows I am safe.
  • Not losing my appreciation for what he is doing while I am gone. When I am home we are a team. Cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids is a team job. While I am gone on business trips this is his job. I don’t take that for granted and make sure I express to him my gratitude for holding things together.
  • When I am home I like to give him some me time. Not just us together, but some time for him to get away from the kids and the work to help him know he is valued and is not always in charge. I spend a lot of time in hotels, restaurants, and offices which to a business traveler may not seem glamorous, but to the spouse at home it holds a certain mystique and it is important to let them create some mystique time of their own.
  • No matter what when you have time at home make that your own at home time. Your family should always be center of attention and take first priority.

I realized that I could do all of this because I have to, but then I realized that it is because I want to. I love my husband and truly appreciate what he does for me. The problem becomes does he know it. It may sound silly to make this a constant reminder in your relationship, but I have found that this goes a long way.