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The blockers will tandem block the outside, both going straight up with the hands. This will create a seam that must be covered by a defensive player. Purpose: This drill focuses on both correct blocking techniques and appropriate backcourt defense. Drill Setup: Teams should be set up for six on six volleyball

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Block on Box - Volleyball Blocking Drills. This drill has both the hitter and coach standing on boxes on opposite sides of the net. Just as the previous volleyball drill, the coach is hitting into the block. The purpose is for the blocker to work on blocking with good form. The blocker should be angling their hands and arms so that when the ball is blocked it rebounds off the blocker into the court.

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Volleyball Blocking Drills Basic Blocking Purpose To help teach and reinforce the basics of blocking technique and timing Setup Create 1 line of players outside of the court near the netA coach standing on other side of the

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Volleyball Blocking Drills A tough skill to master, blocking can be a difference-maker at higher levels of play. Try these drills to train dynamic blockers with sound technique and an aggressive blocking mentality.

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In volleyball, blocking is the first form of defense. Your blockers, where you place them, and their level of play, can determine where you place the defend by them and can determine what kind of defense you might play as well. A common misconception is that the higher you jump and get over the net, the better block you will put out.

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The Volleyball Blocking Drills Players Do To Improve Block Jump Timing Against An Opposing Hitter. One of the simple volleyball drills for beginners I do often is to have a player standing on a box on one side of the net. Their hands and arms are penetrating over the net.

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By doing the drill known as mirror blocking this can really help in perfecting that timing. To set the drill up you will need at least two players, if you have a larger number of players then simply split them up into pairs. One player from each pair will stand on opposite sides of the net to each other.

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This volleyball drill is performed by two blockers. Players have to be located on different parts of the net. The first player has to perform a blocking movement. The task of the second player is to mirror a blocking movement. Practicing this volleyball drill delivers two important benefits.